Forklift Repair in Las Vegas

Sierra Industrial Equipment in Las Vegas provides fast forklift on-site repair with over 40 years of forklift repair experience.
On-Site Forklift Repair
Sierra Industrial Equipment prides itself in the speed with which on-site repair can be provided, quality of service, cost of labor, cost of parts and the desire to build a committed business relationship with each and every customer. We do on-site forklift repair within the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Our service and quality makes the difference. We have over 40-years of sales and service experience with all types of materials handling equipment.

Specialized Equipment Repair
We also do on-site repair of specialized equipment in the field. We repair Lift Trucks up to 36,000 lbs, Rough Terrain Lift Trucks, Water Trucks, Burden Carriers and more on-site. Sierra Industrial Equipment repairs all types of specialized equipment in the Las Vegas area. Call us at (702) 207-4700.

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